Die Change Arms / Tool Loading Arms

for safe Transfer of the Dies to the Presses


Main task of Die Change Arms / Tool Loading Arms is their use as a die transfer station between press and the transport device (overhead crane, forklift truck, die transport cart) during die change.

The old press die is pulled out of the press onto the die change arms and there is taken over by the transport device.
After that the delivered new press die is taken over from the transport device onto the die change arms.
After that the new press die is pushed down from the die change arms into the press onto the press table.

Die change arms are available in different versions:

  • hookable, without support foot
  • swivable, without support foot
  • hookable, with support foot without wheels
  • hookable, with support feet, movable on wheels

Independent from the described standard versions customer-specific versions can be made at any time. Please let us have your requirement. We would like to offer to you a tailor-made solution.

Please contact us at:

Phone:  +49 2156 419193
Fax:  +49 2156 4979325
Email:  info@seidel-handlingsysteme.de



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