Mobile Die Change Tables

universally usable, manual Movement of Dies

Mobile Die Change Tables usually are used at the front side of a press. Upon need they are transported to the press by a suitable transport cart, for example a Universal Transport Cart UTW, and there they are docked to brackets which are positioned at the press. Now the die change can start. 

The compressed air supply for the pneumatically operated die lifters with rolls only still has to be connected to the press by quick coupling.
Preferably 2 mobile die change tables are used to proceed as indicated below:

• The first die change table with the new press die on top is delivered and
   parked at the side of the press, whilst the actual press die still is operating.

• The second die change table in empty mode is driven in front of the press
   and is docked to the press.

• The used press die is pulled out of the press onto the empty die change table.

• The die change table with the old press die is driven to the side and parked.

• The die change table with the new press die is driven to the press and docked to the press.

• The new press die is pushed into the press and the production can continue.

After that the Die Change Table with the used press die can be driven to the maintenance area or into the press die storage. There the used press die will be offloadedby overhead crane and the new press die for the next die change will be put onto the  Die Transport Cart.  

You would like to optimize your die change procedures?
Please contact us and inform us about your corresponding press die data as well as information regarding installation situation. Together with You we would like to establish a proposal for improvement of press die changing situation. Surely we can transmit to you a very interesting offer.

If you will have questions regarding our Mobile Die Change Tables, we will be at your disposal for clarification at any time. Please do not hesitate to contact us:   

Phone:  +49 2156 419193
Fax:  +49 2156 4979325



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