Liftarm E-Muskel P-300

: P-300
Length of arm: 3.000 mm
Radius of working area: 3.000 mm
Motor power: 1,5 kW
Working pressure: Max. 13 mPA
Lifting speed: 20 Meter /Minute
Lifting capacity: 300 kg
Weight of machine: 500 kg
Electric: 380 - 415 Volt, 50 Hz 3-Phase alternating current
Circular adjustment around column: 360 ░
Circular adjustment around tool holder: 360 ░
Eccentric load on tool holder: 1.000 Nm
Standard equipment:
Electro-hydraulic control system:
Bracket for lifting tools:
6-channel swivel for oil or air:
Slipring device with vacant poles at control panel:
Fast-switch for tools:
Slipring device for 380-415 V, 50 Hz: 3 phase alternating current
Column for mounting to the floor:
Hydraulically controlled Movement to X- or Y-axis:
Pneumatically operated brake for movement at control box:
Radio control in different executions:
Hydraulic tool functions: